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Tours Koh Samui Best Price Guarantee and Early booking prices


What is the best price guarantee?
Tours Koh Samui will compensate for the difference in price and give you an additional discount of 5% if you find a published tour identical to the one in our offer, but less expensive than the one you found on our web pages.

This guarantee only applies to our early booking prices. Our early booking prices are available only for reservation successfully completed and paid for at least 3 days in advance of tour date.

Why are Tours Koh Samui’s prices most favorable?
Tours Koh Samui is a tour operator and one of the most influential agencies on Koh Samui. Therefore we receive very favorable terms from our partners and when we operate the tour you buy directly from us no middle man. Furthermore, internet booking systems allows us to generate savings that we then transfer to our clients.

Term and conditions of our "Price promise" action:

  1. Action "Price promise" refers only to Tours Koh Samui’s offer for tours as listed on the website. Action "Price promise" is valid for identical individual tours offered by travel agency or tour operator, if the mentioned offer is received at the same time when the booking for tours is placed with us.
  2. The expression "tour identical to the one in our offer" means the same tour and the same operator whose price is compared in the same period and for the same type of service. This does not include additional products which can be bought together with certain tours, such as the rent of equipment or food and beverages.
  3. Only an offer by another travel agency's or tour operator received within 48 hours from the time of booking at Tours Koh Samui for the same tour will be subject to "Price promise" action.
  4. If the client achieves a less expensive offer for a tour defined in paragraph 3 as a "tour identical to the one from our offer", Tours Koh Samui is obliged to fulfil best price promise with the condition that client delivers the offer to Tours Koh Samui’s address in writing or by e-mail written and signed on agency / tour-operator's memorandum. Tours Koh Samui reserves the right to verify the offer by the other agency / tour operator, contact it within 24 hours and give the client a new offer.
  5. If the offers of identical an identical tour of another agency / tour operator after verification proves valid and cheaper from Tours Koh Samui’s offer, Tours Koh Samui is obliged to pay back the difference in price and to offer the client an additional discount of 5%. The client will then, depending on whether he / she already paid or not: - pay the lower amount for the offer of another agency/tour operator decreased by additional 5 % discount, - if the payment according to our (higher) offer is already made, he/she will receive the difference between the paid amount and lower price of other agency/tour operator together with additional discount of 5%.
  6. If the client receives a better offer for an identical tour from another agency/tour operator, the client needs to submit the following information concerning this offer together with the conditions from paragraph five: name of agency, time of offer, name of agent who made the offer, location of agency and telephone number, web or catalogue reference in the time the tour was chosen, time of travel, number of passengers (adult and children), price details (specific discounts), general traveling terms of the other agency/tour operator sent together with the offer.
  7. If best price promise for an identical tour is already realized, client does not have the right to an additional discount or possible advantage offered by Tours Koh Samui or its partners for that same tour.
  8. Tours Koh Samui holds the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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